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6mm planetary gear motors from INEED Motors: Unleashing Power in Compact Form

INEED Motors introduces their groundbreaking 6mm planetary gear motors, featuring a combination of a 6mm diameter coreless motor and a 6mm plastic gearhead. These miniature DC reduction motors provide exceptional performance in a compact package. With the entire reducer, gears, and output shaft made of liquid crystal polymers (LCPs), also known as plastic gear motors, INEED Motors has created a versatile solution with 16 options across four reduction motor series, offering unparalleled customization possibilities.

Compact and Powerful Design

The 6mm planetary gear motors by INEED Motors are designed for applications where space is limited, but power is essential. Despite their small size, these motors pack a punch with their combination of a 6mm coreless motor and a plastic gearhead. The compact design allows for seamless integration into various projects, making them ideal for applications that require precision and efficiency within tight constraints.

Precision and Reliability with Liquid Crystal Polymers

INEED Motors employs liquid crystal polymers (LCPs) to construct the gears, output shaft, and entire reducer of these 6mm planetary gear motors. LCPs offer exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring reliable performance even under demanding conditions. The use of LCPs in the construction of these motors enhances their precision, enabling smooth and efficient power transmission.

Customization Options for Every Project

INEED Motors understands that every project has unique requirements. To cater to diverse needs, they offer four different reduction boxes combined with four kinds of 6mm coreless motors, resulting in a solution that provides 16 options. This level of customization allows engineers and designers to select the perfect combination of reduction ratio, torque, and performance for their specific applications. Whether you require high torque, precise control, or a balance between the two, INEED Motors’ 6mm planetary gear motors have the ideal solution.


INEED Motors revolutionizes the industry with their compact yet powerful 6mm planetary gear motors. These motors combine a 6mm coreless motor and a plastic gearhead, offering exceptional performance in a small form factor. With the entire reducer, gears, and output shaft made of liquid crystal polymers (LCPs), these motors deliver precision, reliability, and durability. With 16 customizable options across four reduction motor series, INEED Motors ensures that every project can benefit from their versatile and high-performance 6mm planetary gear motors. Choose INEED Motors for compact power that exceeds expectations.

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