A Mindray AED Defeats Heart Failure

The world celebrates the heart on September 29 every year. We can take a pause from our busy lives on this special day for the heart and reflect on how to safeguard our hearts and overall health. As more people become aware of the importance of heart health and AED purchase, automated external defibrillators (AEDs), the “wonder device” that saves lives in cardiac arrest, are also becoming increasingly well-known.

High-end, innovative AED producer Mindray makes devices that are both highly technical and highly understandable.

Ingenious Mindray

A large color screen mounted on the AED and the addition of IoT functionality are enhancements to Mindray’s AED products due to increased expenditure in research and development. Users of the Mindray AEDs can swiftly gather and review data on crisp, multicolored displays.

AEDs by Mindray has 360J biphasic technology with auto-compensation based on patient impedance, which can help patients who are difficult to defibrillate to have a higher success rate.

First aid is prioritized in the former, and “animation + vocal support” can successfully influence the rescuer’s “anxiety causes the error” psychology.

Additionally, based on how long they have been using the system, the system will determine whether a user is a novice. Finally, the novice will receive more in-depth speech education.

Integrated Management System

The latter is Mindray’s AED management system, which can swiftly ascertain, among other things, whether the apparatus is operating and whether the batteries are charged. This technique substantially increases productivity, and the AED will always be easier to maintain . This approach guarantees that the AED will function normally in an emergency.

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