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Aspiration Catheter: The Perfect Solution for Thrombus Removal

Thrombus formation in blood vessels is a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention. Traditional thrombus removal procedures can be invasive and may lead to further complications. However, APT Medical‘s aspiration catheter offers a non-invasive and effective solution for thrombus removal. Here’s how.

Large Circular Aspiration Lumen to Improve Efficiency

APT Medical’s aspiration catheter features a large circular aspiration lumen that offers improved thrombus removal capabilities. This design ensures fast and stable suction, improving the overall efficiency of the procedure. In addition, the catheter’s excellent thrombus-aspiration capability ensures that even large thrombi can be removed with ease.

Optimal Pushability and Kink Resistance

The aspiration catheter’s shaft is designed for optimal pushability and kink resistance. Its enhanced stiffness provides excellent trackability, ensuring that the catheter can navigate in the tortuous vessels. This design feature is crucial for effective thrombus removal, as it allows the catheter to reach the site of the thrombus quickly and efficiently.

Removable Preloaded Stylet

APT Medical’s aspiration catheter comes with a removable preloaded stylet. This feature provides additional support to the catheter shaft, further enhancing its kink resistance and pushability. The preloaded stylet can be easily removed once the catheter is in place, allowing for maximum flexibility during the procedure.

Optimized Tip Design

The aspiration catheter’s tip is designed to be atraumatic and round, minimizing possible damage to the vessel during the procedure. The 4mm short tip increases catheter crossability over tortuous anatomy, allowing for a smoother and more efficient procedure. In addition, the catheter’s platinum marker provides reliable fluoroscopic visibility, ensuring that the physician can accurately position the catheter during the procedure.

Three Guidewire Lumen Lengths Available

APT Medical’s aspiration catheter is available in three different guidewire lumen lengths – 50mm, 100mm, and 200mm. This design feature allows physicians to choose the appropriate catheter for their specific clinical needs, ensuring the best possible outcomes for their patients.


In conclusion, APT Medical’s aspiration catheter is an excellent solution for thrombus removal. Its large circular aspiration lumen, optimal pushability, and kink resistance, removable preloaded stylet, optimized tip design, and availability in three different guidewire lumen lengths make it an ideal choice for physicians looking for an effective thrombus removal solution.

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