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Capture Clear Footage with ieGeek Outdoor Battery Camera ZS-GX3S

Clear and detailed footage can only be captured by surveillance products with high-quality video and night vision capabilities. The ieGeek Outdoor Battery Camera ZS-GX3S, with its superior night vision and high-definition video, is a great addition to any surveillance system, and we’ll go over why these qualities are so important in this article.

Crisp and Detailed Video Quality

To ensure effective surveillance, the ieGeek Outdoor Battery Camera ZS-GX3S provides 2K QHD live video and image quality. With its high resolution, this camera captures crisp and detailed footage, allowing for better identification of people, objects, and events. Whether it’s monitoring a large area or focusing on specific details, our surveillance products deliver clear visuals to meet your surveillance needs.

Wide Angle and Enhanced Monitoring

The ieGeek Outdoor Battery Camera ZS-GX3S offers a wide range of monitoring capabilities to cover more ground. Its color night vision feature automatically switches on three infrared lights based on ambient light conditions, ensuring clear monitoring even in low-light situations. With a monitoring distance of up to 33 feet, this camera provides reliable surveillance throughout the night. Additionally, the camera’s 120° wide-angle lens allows you to monitor a larger area, minimizing blind spots and providing comprehensive coverage.

Easy Installation and Versatility

Installing the ieGeek Outdoor Battery Camera ZS-GX3S is a breeze. It is 100% wire-free, eliminating the need for complex wiring or network cables. This makes it easy to mount the camera both indoors and outdoors, providing flexibility in placement. With its compatibility with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, the camera ensures seamless connectivity and hassle-free monitoring.


The ieGeek Outdoor Battery Camera ZS-GX3S is one of the top-tier surveillance products with superior capabilities for recording high-definition video. Reliable for improved monitoring and security, it has 2K QHD video quality, color night vision, a wide-angle lens, and is easy to install. To make sure your property is thoroughly monitored, buy the ieGeek Outdoor Battery Camera ZS-GX3S.

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