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Have you been looking for the most attractive online casino promotion address? Then the content of the article below is definitely the most useful information for you. This is the keyword that many players have been searching for for a long time: Nhà cái Hi88 is an extremely reputable online betting address, integrated on websites and mobile devices. Coming here, players will be able to experience the games in the simplest and fastest way. Let’s find out.

Overview of bookmaker Hi88

Hi88 first launched the online betting community in 2012, this betting address is part of the management system of First Cagayan organization. With extremely strict management, players can be completely confident in the safety that the house provides. Since starting online betting activities until now, this house has always had a very large and constantly increasing number of betting fans. More clearly, Hi88 is also ranked in the top 20 bookmakers with the highest number of players participating in betting in 2021 in Vietnam.

This house is very outstanding with many super good betting games, such as: online Casino card games, sports betting, e-sports, fish shooting, pot exploding,… Collection of hot hit betting games today, helping the house become more prestigious and better quality.

In addition, this house is also famous for many promotions, most notably online casino promotions.

Online Casino Hi88 promotion is extremely attractive

When coming to Hi88, in addition to participating in special betting games, players also have the opportunity to receive many super promotion codes from the house. Each promotional code will have unique values ​​and their application conditions will also be different. However, these promotions are all rewards that the house wants to send to members, to help players have more spirit and motivation to participate in betting here.

Online casino promotions with extremely hot 2.5% refund

Not only will players receive rewards on their own birthdays, but when you stick with this house, you will also receive an extremely wonderful refund promotion, with a refund of up to 2.5% %. This is the return level that players consider to be the second highest in the return value that bookmaker systems have.

50% refund promotion on the first lost bet

Often, many players still do not have a chance to win completely from their first bets. Understanding this, bookmaker Hi88 has provided new players with a 50% refund bonus code if you lose on your first bet. The maximum amount of money that a player can be refunded is 5 million VND.

This is truly a super good return reward that the house wants to give you. It will help you have more motivation to participate in betting.

Online Casino offers a 20% bonus when joining the Casino

Casino card games at this house always bring many attractive things to players. For players who are passionate about Casino card games, in addition to having fun participating in betting, you also have the opportunity to play online casino with a 20% discount on these games. On weekends, when playing card games, you will have the opportunity to immediately buy this discount code.

Bonus promotion of 1.5% when depositing money

For this promotion, just remember that the more you deposit, the more rewards you will receive. The larger the amount of money you deposit, the larger the bonus will be. Because this promotion has no maximum deposit limit. So if you want a lot of rewards, then boldly deposit a lot of money into your account.
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  • To get unique promotional rewards from the house, players also need to pay attention to some conditions for applying these promotions. Please consider carefully to make it convenient in the process of owning promotional codes from the house.
  • Players are not allowed to cheat to receive bonus codes. If the house finds out, the bettors will not be able to receive the bonus and their accounts will be locked.
  • These bonus codes cannot be used together. So while participating in a promotion, your account cannot participate in other promotions at the same time.


In the above article, we have introduced to you the most detailed information about online casino promotions. Hopefully this useful information will help everyone find the most reputable and quality betting address for themselves. Don’t forget these super attractive promotions!

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