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Easyweigh’s Smart Food Metal Detector and Checkweigher

The Combi food metal detector and Checkweigher, a multipurpose tool that combines metal detection and weighing capabilities in the food sector, is introduced by Easyweigh. Easyweigh’s equipment offers effective and efficient quality control operations with its durable construction, space-saving design, cost-effectiveness, and intelligent learning functions.

Personalized Solution for Efficient Operations

Easyweigh’s Combi Metal Detector and Checkweigher offer metal detector for food, tailored to meet specific requirements and product sizes. The professional team at Easyweigh provides the perfect solution for seamless integration of metal detection and weighing technology, ensuring accurate and reliable performance in food processing operations.

Space-Saving Design and Durability

Save space and installation costs with Easyweigh‘s combined metal detector and weigher, designed to be efficiently installed within a frame structure. The equipment’s robust construction, made of 304 stainless steel, guarantees durability and longevity, making it a cost-effective investment that saves on purchasing and labor installation costs.

Product Appropriateness

Easyweigh is aware that every product is different, and its food-grade metal detector is designed to take this variation into account. This metal detector makes sure that your products are free of metal contaminants, whether you are working with medicinal pills, tough meats, or delicate pastry items. This protects both the consumer’s health and the reputation of your business.

Dependability and Effectiveness

In the world of production lines, efficiency and dependability are critical. The Conveyor Metal Detector from Easyweigh is superior in both areas. With this equipment in place, producers may simplify their production procedures, improve the quality of their products, and comply with regulations. As a result, there is less chance of expensive recalls and the business is more dependable and efficient.


Choose Easyweigh’s Combi Metal Detector and Checkweigher for a smart and efficient solution in food metal detection and product weighing. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, Easyweigh’s equipment offers a personalized service approach, space-saving design, durability, and smart learning functions to optimize quality control processes. Trust Easyweigh for the best quality-price ratio in metal detector and checkweigher technology, ensuring reliable and precise operations in the food industry.

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