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EVB’s AC Fast Charger: Energizing Your Journey with Efficiency and Affordability

Embarking on the electric journey just got more exciting with EVB‘s AC Fast Charger, designed to empower your travels with efficiency and affordability. In a world filled with charging options, EVB stands out with its cutting-edge AC charging solutions tailored to meet your diverse needs.

Versatile Charging for Every Scenario

Unlike their DC counterparts, EVB’s AC chargers are engineered with an eye on versatility. With lower demands on the grid’s capacity, these chargers seamlessly integrate into residential applications, offering a flexible solution for various regions and electrical systems. Whether you’re in a bustling urban environment or a tranquil suburban setting, EVB’s AC chargers adapt effortlessly to different grid configurations.

Powerful and Adaptable Charging Stations

BENY, a trusted name in the EV charging landscape, presents a range of portable and wall-mounted AC chargers, boasting power ratings from 3.7 to 22 kW. Available with one or two charging connectors, these stations are not just powerful but also equipped with advanced intelligent charging technology. Rigorously validated for stability and reliability, EVB’s chargers incorporate DLB functionality to intelligently distribute electricity, ensuring the smooth operation of all connected appliances. The cherry on top? CE certification, a testament to industry recognition and compliance with international standards.

Easy Maintenance and Smart Control

EVB understands the importance of hassle-free ownership. The modular design approach ensures that maintenance is a breeze. And here’s the game-changer – remote monitoring and operational control through a user-friendly mobile app. Stay in charge of your charging station from the palm of your hand, making the entire process not just efficient but also incredibly convenient.


In conclusion, EVB’s AC fast charger is not just a charging solution; it’s a promise of efficiency, affordability, and reliability. Your electric journey deserves nothing less, and EVB is here to make every mile electrifying and enjoyable.

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