Express Delivery Systems and the Science of Cross-Belt Sorting

Have you ever wondered how your online purchases are processed and delivered to you so quickly? If so, get ready to learn about the amazing world of cross-belt sorting in express delivery systems. Many logistics providers, such as Pteris Global, rely heavily on cross-belt sorting as a key component of their operations. This post will give you an in-depth look at how packages are transported along conveyor belts and sorted to their destinations, from the ingenious technology that enables it to the science that drives it. Sit back and enjoy as we explore the fascinating field of cross-belt sorting.

What is a Cross Belt Sorter?

A cross belt sorter is a type of conveyor-based sortation system that uses a series of belts to move materials in and out of a designated area. Each belt is powered by a small motor that moves it in a regular pattern. This allows the material to be transferred reliably and accurately, which improves the efficiency and accuracy of the sorting process.

Cross belt sorters have been around since the late 1800s, when they were used to sort wagonloads of goods. The belts, usually made of leather or fabric, were attached at regular intervals across the wagon’s frame. The material would be loaded onto the belt closest to the center of the wagon, and then moved to the other belts as it moved outwards toward the wagon’s edges. Cross belt sorters are still widely used today, especially in express delivery systems.

Another version of cross belt sorters emerged in the early 20th century, which was designed to sort goods in transit by truck. The belts were much wider than the ones used in express delivery systems, ranging from 12 inches to over 24 feet. The slots in the belts made it easy to transfer the goods from one conveyor to another. The material would be dropped off at either end onto another conveyor system or into another container after being placed on one side of the belt.

What are the Benefits of a Cross-Belt Sorter?

Using a cross-belt sorter has many advantages. One of the main benefits is that it is very effective in its task of sorting materials. The material can be moved from one belt to another with remarkable precision and consistency thanks to the use of small motors that operate in a predictable rhythm. This makes the sorting process faster and more accurate. Additionally, cross belt sorters are very sturdy and durable, and can handle a lot of weight. They are easy to set up and operate, and do not require any special skills or knowledge from their operators.

Another benefit of using a cross belt sorter is that it can handle a wide range of products at high speeds of up to 3m/sec (9.8 ft/sec), delivering both high sorting capacity and accuracy1. Its cross-belt loop technology features a continuous “train” of carrier units whose independently operated high-friction belt conveyors enable impact-less sorting. This means that the material is sorted safely and gently, without any slipping or rolling. The cross belt sorter can also adapt to different sizes and shapes of products, from small parcels and documents to large boxes and bags.

How Pteris Global Uses Cross-Belt Sorting for Express Delivery

If you need logistics services in China, Pteris Global is your best choice. Pteris Global offers streamlined, well-coordinated methods of fast transportation. Pteris Global has extensive experience working with both domestic and international express providers, and can quickly unload, scan, weigh, unpack, sort, repack, and fast-load packages for speedy delivery. This company has completed over 150 projects in airport baggage conveying systems and air cargo terminals around the world1Moreover, it offers fully automated and semi-automated express delivery solutions for the industry, accelerating its transformation and modernization in light of the current state of technology, labor force, and national legislation in the domestic express delivery market1Pteris Global’s Shunfeng(SF) Chongqing provides high-quality transportation over a distance of 10.73 kilometers, with 29 automated lines for the efficient movement of medium and small commodities at a combined capacity of 50,000 passengers per hour (p/h) and 100,000 p/h (p/h)1. An outstanding steel frame construction spanning 25,500 square meters gives us confidence that we can trust Pteris Global with our express delivery needs.


As you can see, cross-belt sorting is a vital technology for express delivery systems, and Pteris Global is a leader in this field. By using cross-belt sorters, Pteris Global can ensure that your packages are sorted and delivered quickly and accurately, with minimal damage or loss. If you want to learn more about cross-belt sorting or Pteris Global’s services, please visit their website or contact them today.

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