Gorilla Tape vs Masking Tape? What’s the difference?

Regarding adhesive tapes, there are choices galore available to you. Some have similar uses, and others have more specific applications, like electrical tape. Some are white, red, black, grey, green, or silver. They are made from paper, rubber, cloth, and more, but how do you know which tape to use and when? There are too many types of tape to go through them all, so here; we will focus on two of the more popular types of adhesive tape – Gorilla tape and masking tape. What makes them different, and what are they best at?


The thickness is the first thing you will notice between the two types of tape. Both are made with a fabric layer and are easily torn with one hand, but Gorilla tape is 145% stronger than duct tape. Gorilla tape has two offset fabric layers, making it more flexible and durable than its alternative, duct tape.


The glue used to manufacture Gorilla tape is a thicker adhesive layer. With a thinner layer of glue, masking tape does not adhere well to uneven surfaces, like bricks, the way Gorilla tape can. However, duct tape can be removed with much less effort without damaging any painted surface it was stuck to.


While both kinds of tape can be used to close the boxes when you are moving (if the boxes are destined for the rubbish heap after you have unpacked them), masking tape is easier to write on. However, you don’t want to be using Gorilla tape if you are a painter, and you need to be able to remove the tape once you’ve painted without damaging the surface below the tape. As the name suggests, masking tape is designed as a temporary cover, or mask, to be removed to reveal what is underneath. Gorilla tape is more durable in the elements than masking tape is, it is waterproof and can handle temperature extremes.


It’s hard to choose an outright-forget-the-other-one winner between masking and Gorilla tape, they both have their place in the toolbox. However, if you could only get one, we would go for the Gorilla tape. Overall, it has the most versatility and durability of the two. So, instead of pronouncing an all-out winner today, we suggest you keep both types of tape on hand. You can check out the masking tape and the Gorilla tape range at RS, where quality and good service is assured.

The differences between choosing gorilla tape and masking tape come down to the durability and removability you need the tape to provide. For durability, we recommend Gorilla tape, and for removability, masking tape has our vote. They both have their uses and are quite handy to have around. So, contact the reputable team at RS today about ordering some gorilla tape and masking tape to throw in your toolbox, junk drawer, car, or shed.

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