He Quit Addressing My Personal Emails. Performed I Insult Him?

Reader Question:

I really like this guy in one of my courses and started to email him following session finished. Within his finally email to me, the guy claimed that he didn’t have a position. We, merely making small-talk to make the mail much longer, had written he should get a hold of employment to keep hectic for the summer. I didn’t suggest anything by that, sincere.

The guy quit emailing me personally next mail. We sent him another email using my number a short time later, saying we could talk from the telephone, wishing he could easily get a hint that I became into him, task or no work. He nevertheless decided not to respond. I just need to know if I insulted him in in any event and so I won’t make the exact same error on the next occasion. But honestly, i really do perhaps not imagine I did or said anything completely wrong.

-Ann C. (New York)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

This actually is the trouble with electronic communication. It’s without body language, vocal tone, eye contact, facial expressions and even smells. Text and mail communication is similar to hearing your favorite group without the drummer or vocalist. You’ll know the song but you miss out the passion.

Yes, men tend to be sensitive about lacking gainful employment. Perhaps he did feel judged. If you don’t have their phone number, you could email an explanation mail, an apology and one a lot more recommendation to phone you right. If the guy does not do that, he isn’t the main one individually.

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