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How Do I Know if I Qualify for Workers Comp in California?

Workers compensation is the insurance coverage which ensures all employees get the medical care they need in the event of an on the job injury in exchange for not filing a civil suit against their employer. This is the unwritten rule which was established over a century ago with the first workers compensation laws.

Additionally, each state has their own entity which governs workers compensation processes in the state. For instance, the CA workmans comp insurance is governed by a labor-management entity created by legislation in 1993 while Georgia governs theirs with an established National Council. It can get pretty confusing.

The complex process guiding CA workmans comp insurance leaves many bewildered and wondering if they qualify for workers comp in California.

General Coverage and Exceptions

Many people incorrectly assume that everyone who works for a company or business is automatically covered by CA workmans comp insurance benefits. While this is generally true, there are exceptions to the rule. Most legal employers do provide CA workmans comp insurance coverage to their employees, regardless of hours worked or time on the job. However, many are not required to do so.

Independent contractors are not eligible for coverage under an employer’s CA workmans comp insurance, but independent contractors often provide their own coverages. The same is true for sole proprietorships. People who work for themselves may opt to carry CA workers comp insurance but they don’t have to.

People who work in exchange for food, housing, or other specified aid instead of a paycheck are also not eligible for the CA workmans comp insurance coverage. Lastly, an employer who is related to the domestic worker who provides services to them is not required to offer CA workmans comp insurance coverage for that worker.

Other Employers, Companies, and Businesses

Other than the specified exceptions above, every other employer is required to offer CA workmans comp insurance benefits to workers. The benefits must be extended regardless of time on the job or the number of hours worked. If an employee sustains a serious injury their very first day on the job, that employer must file a claim with their CA workmans comp insurance carrier and cover those injuries and medical costs.

CA workmans comp insurance laws are statewide laws designed to mitigate risk for employers and protect the rights of employees. They are designed to encourage employers to provide a safe workplace environment for the employees in their charge. When employers do not comply with CA workmans comp insurance laws, they can suffer pretty hefty fines and sometimes even jail time.

CA Workmans Comp Insurance Benefits Cover Most

CA workmans comp insurance benefits are purposely engineered to cover most employees. This helps ensure that workers who sustain serious on the job injuries can get the prompt, adequate medical care necessary for a full recovery. It also provides some income in the event that an employee needs time to recover before returning to work. While CA workmans comp insurance coverage does not cover every single worker, it is designed to provide protections for most of them.

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