How to play card games – tips to become a card game master!

Sam card game is a game that has been around for a long time and originated from the North. Receiving a lot of love from players, with a simple form and rules of the game and an attractive winning rate, helping players freely express their talents and compete with opponents. Next, let’s learn more about the knowledge and knowledge in more detail with  Neu88 How to play ginseng.

Some information about how to play ginseng

Sam cyclone is a type of card game that uses 52 different cards, quite popular and loved by many ages. It appeared a long time ago and is considered an entertainment subject for Vietnamese people.

The way to play is quite similar to Tien Len Southern, players will be dealt 10 cards and play until whoever reaches the finish line first will win. Currently, to increase the fun, many players have applied many different types of bets when participating.

Instructions for arranging the order of cards

To learn about How to play ginseng The first thing you have to know is how to arrange them. Here are some rules when arranging that you need to know when playing!

  • If odd cards appear in the hand, not in a particular pair or order, they are called junk or odd cards. At this point, the highest card will be 2 and the lowest card will be 3.
  • Two cards of the same value combined together are called pairs, and the highest pair is pair 2 and the lowest pair is pair 3.
  • Cards of equal value that have two or more cards are also called gray or four of a kind. If there are 3 leaves, it is gray and 4 leaves are four-of-a-kind, arranged in order from 3 to 2.
  • In the deck, the adjacent cards are arranged in order from smallest to largest. For example: A,2,3,4,4…Or Q,K,A,..It is called the hall.

Some terms in how to play ginseng cards

To be sure of winning and mastering how to play most accurately, take a look at the section below for detailed basic terms.

  • If 10 consecutive cards appear in the card from low to high, you will own the dragon hall.
  • Four of a kind 2 is considered the strongest combination in the deck.
  • Players will be sure to win if they own 10 cards of the same color or 5 pairs of different cards.
  • Possessing a gray trio will win the game.

How to play ginseng cards

Here are some ways to play for beginners:

  • After the first person plays the card, you need to cut down a larger card. If you don’t have one or want to keep it to use as a trick, you can keep it.
  • Playing turns are usually counted clockwise, so if you miss your round, you have to wait until the end of your turn.
  • Especially in any case, do not leave the last two if you do not want to lose heavily.
  • When you only have one card left in your hand, you must notify the players to let them know. If you do not report, you will violate the rules of the game and be punished.
  • After finishing the game, if you still have 10 cards left, you will be frozen and fined a lot of points. So you definitely have to play the cards before the end.

How to calculate points in cards

This is the part that is done after finishing a game, quite complicated and complicated. Therefore, it is necessary to firmly grasp the knowledge of how to calculate points so as not to be disadvantaged when playing.
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  • With a normal winning game: The player only needs to count the numbers in the card and multiply it by the set bet score.
  • Empty: If the loser in the card leaves the last four of a kind or 2, the bet amount will be doubled.
  • Please advise: If you report winning cards to everyone, the amount will likely be tripled compared to the bet amount.
  • Freeze: Calculate the normal card score and then add 2 and 4 of a kind penalties.
  • In case four of a kind are cut during play, the penalty will be doubled by 10 cards.
  • In case of losing 2 or not reporting the card, there will be a penalty of 50% of the bet set.

Experience of always winning cards from experts

To become a master of ginseng, you should refer to some experiences of experts to apply. The first thing is that you should play the small string and the first pair to remove the junk cards in case you lose your turn.

In addition, you can also use strategies to deceive your opponent and then run the line, this not only helps you ensure victory but also makes the opponent confused and unable to catch your cards.


Above is all the information about How to play ginseng online New88 want to share with you. Hopefully the above information will help you gain more knowledge to become a cyclone master!

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