LOL Betting | Detailed instructions on how to play for new players

The current e-sports betting movement is being accepted and interested by many players.

One of the leading games in this betting field is League of Legends and in this article let’s find out all the information you need to know about LOL betting at the leading reputable game portal Neu88.

What is LOL betting?

LOL is the acronym for the game League of Legends, which belongs to developer Garena in Vietnam and Riot Games in the international market.

This is one of the king e-sports genres in our country and is known by many users for its extremely interesting gameplay, requiring skills and implementing the right strategies to win in the end. together.

Up to now, this game has become one of the most popular LOL esports betting titles with many interesting betting types, creating many impressive reward opportunities for many people. use.

Forms of betting in League of Legends

Presently childgame E-Sports This website is extremely famous for its ability to provide diverse LOL betting types that users can refer to to bet on matches that they are interested in including;

(1) Handicap betting

This type of LOL betting is often seen in matches where the house determines that one team has higher abilities, strength, etc. than the other team.

(2) Over/under betting

With this type of bet, the player will predict the result as the number above or below the total number given by the house before the match.

This number can be the total match score, total minutes per match/per half or important achievements in the betting game.

(3) Accumulator bets

With multiple bets, players have the right to choose multiple bet types together and place a series of bets.

The winning condition is that the entire bet type must win and the reward rate is also higher than normal.

(4) Bet on the first trophy

For this type of bet, you will choose and predict which team will win first. This type of LOL betting is also quite diverse in terms of first kills, first towers to destroy,…

(5) Bet on the team to win

When choosing this type of play, you will predict the team that will ultimately win the match

How to bet LOL at game portal New88

To easily place bets and buy LOL betting tickets atbookmaker New88 Then you can refer to the following steps:
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(1) Step 1: Create an account

Owning an account at this bookmaker New88 will create many conditions for you to participate in special offers of the system.

At the same time, you can also easily participate and track the bet tickets you have purchased in your account easily.

Creating an account at the game portal has been designed to be extremely simple, so it only takes about 3 minutes to complete your registration.

(2) Step 2: Choose the appropriate game title and bet

After entering the e-sports betting lobby provided by the house, you can directly find the LOL game in the list of E-Sports games that the game portal is supporting.

In the main interface you will see a series of upcoming games that you can choose to follow and bet on LOL.

You can refer to additional information as well as data that the system has accurately compiled and collected to filter bets that match the criteria and reward rate you desire.

(3) Step 3: Place bets

To bet on LOL successfully, you just need to directly click on the bet you want to buy betting tickets for, then select the bet type you want, then click on the betting odds so that the betting ticket buying interface appears.

Now, please enter the number of bet tickets as well as the amount of bet you are willing to spend to bet then click “Confirm” to complete the process of buying LOL bet tickets at the house.

(4) Step 4: Monitor match results

After successful LOL betting, the game portal will receive your request to buy betting tickets. When the match ends, based on the match result, the bonus rate will be sent directly to your account balance.

You should actively monitor match results as well as account balance in case any errors occur.

“Top of the top” LOL betting experience that you need to know

It can be said that the trend of e-sports betting is increasingly flourishing and if you gain betting experience from the following experts, it is guaranteed that the reward rate you receive will be extremely positive.

(1) Understand the strength of each team

Understanding the strength of each team will help you easily choose the team with a higher chance of winning as well as help you limit betting on betting boxes that do not have much winning potential.

It can be said that researching the strength of each team when betting at bookmaker New88 will be extremely easy because the system will provide statistics on the strength, abilities, and detailed data of each team for participating players. Check before participating.

What you need to do is click on that match, go to the team data section and find out the detailed and clear statistical information from the system.

(2) Play the game calmly, without being too aggressive

E-sports LOL betting always requires players to have reasonable playing strategies as well as know how to analyze situations in detail to gain many chances of winning.

That’s why you need to be very calm when betting and observe the situation meticulously to find impressive reward opportunities.

(3) Understand the types of bets in the game

It can be said that League of Legends betting provides players with many different methods and types of play that users need to understand each type of play to filter the most suitable bet type for them.

In addition, each different type of bet also has betting rules that players need to have full knowledge of before placing a bet, avoiding the situation of putting money in without hope of winning.

(4) Diligently follow each game

To easily grasp the situation of each LOL betting match, the best way you can do is to diligently monitor the matches you have bet on.

This way you will be able to quickly grasp the winning or losing results and at the same time gain experience from losing bets in some bad situations.

FAQ – LOL Betting

(1) What form of betting should you bet on in LOL?

Bookmaker New88 currently offers many forms of e-sports betting for the game LOL, so players can flexibly choose to bet in many different ways.

One of the types of bets that new players can consider choosing is over/under bets or betting on the winning team. In these two types of games, users do not need to analyze and learn too much information.

At the same time, if you want to increase the amount of bonus you can receive, you should consider betting on parlays. The more types of bets you choose in the parlay, the higher the reward rate you will receive.

(2) Are there many incentives and promotions when betting on LOL?

Bookmaker New88 has been designing and building many special incentive programs for users participating in ESport betting, especially with the game LOL.

In addition to heavy cashback programs, when you deposit money to bet during the house’s golden times, you will also be rewarded with valuable bonuses, exclusive to members here.

(3) Is New88’s e-sports betting lobby safe?

With modern technology and cooperation with reputable game publishing systems on the market.

Therefore, the house can ensure that every moment of users’ betting in the system will be firmly protected, ensuring their safety and privacy.

At the same time, all betting results are made transparent, ensuring absolute accuracy and is one of the safest playgrounds that users can find on the market today.

So that’s all the information you need to know about LOL betting at the New88 game portal today. Hopefully this information will help you have exciting, safe and exciting betting moments.

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