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Powering Oceans: EvoTec Power’s TCM288 Series Marine Alternator

The TCM288 Series Marine Alternator from EvoTec Power is a shining example of innovation in the field of marine power. This series, which has a power range of 188 to 281 kVA, is evidence of EvoTec Power’s dedication to superior alternator design. Specifically designed for maritime applications, the TCM288 series takes center stage in the common 200 kVA alternator category for boats.


EvoTec Power’s TCM288 Series brings a myriad of advantages to the marine world. With additional marine varnish ensuring moisture-proof, mold-proof, and anti-fogging properties, these alternators go beyond the standard. Boasting 40 design patents, including 3 for appearance, EvoTec Power’s dedication to innovation is evident. The impressive 24-month warranty period sets it apart, providing peace of mind for marine operators. Notably, all materials are sourced from Public List Companies, reinforcing EvoTec Power’s commitment to quality.


The TCM288 Series is marked by features that define its superiority. With a standard SAE interface for easy installation and strong versatility, it caters to the practical needs of marine applications. The IP23 protection degree ensures reliability even in challenging maritime conditions. The alternator offers three excitation modes—self-excitation, auxiliary winding, and PMG—providing flexibility for various operational scenarios. Its fast start-up, high efficiency, and strong overload capacity make it a reliable companion on the open seas. EvoTec Power’s advanced automatic voltage regulator control ensures precise voltage regulation, maintaining stability within +/-0.5%.

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