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Sansure Biotech: Revolutionizing In Vitro Diagnostics with Advanced Respiratory Pathogen Testing

Sansure Biotech Inc. is a leading in vitro diagnostics company that has been at the forefront of revolutionizing genetic technologies, products, and services. With a strong commitment to innovation and accessibility, Sansure is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for respiratory pathogen testing. Through their advanced diagnostic reagents, instruments, and laboratory services, Sansure is transforming the field of diagnostics and empowering healthcare providers worldwide.

Sansure’s Comprehensive Product Portfolio:

Sansure offers an extensive range of high-performance diagnostic kits for respiratory pathogen testing. These include the S3066E 6RP-Six Respiratory Pathogens Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit, S3148E SC2/Flu/RSV Multiplex Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit, and S3018E TB Mycobacterium Tuberculosis DNA Fluorescence Diagnostic Kit, among others. These state-of-the-art kits provide accurate and rapid identification of pathogens, enabling healthcare professionals to tailor treatment strategies and improve patient outcomes.

Advancing Global Healthcare:

Sansure’s dedication to innovation and service is evident in its mission to export the “Sansure solution” for the benefit of people worldwide. By promoting genetic technology as the backbone of human health services, Sansure aims to build a healthy global community with a shared future. Moreover, the company’s contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as developing nucleic acid detection reagents and instruments, have been instrumental in enhancing global testing capabilities and supporting countries in their fight against the virus.


Sansure Biotech Inc. is a pioneering in vitro diagnostics company that is revolutionizing the field of diagnostics through its innovative genetic technologies. By focusing on respiratory pathogen testing, Sansure is playing a crucial role in the accurate identification and management of respiratory tract infections. With their advanced diagnostic solutions, Sansure is empowering healthcare providers worldwide to deliver optimal healthcare and improve patient outcomes. As Sansure continues to lead the way in genetic technology, their commitment to accessibility and innovation will undoubtedly shape the future of diagnostics and contribute to the advancement of global healthcare.

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