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Satisfy Your Specific Needs with DAYA’s Made-to-Measure Shower Tray

With years of experience and technology, DAYA is a renowned shower tray supplier in the field of sanitary ware, providing such various products as shower tray, wash basin and shower room. Shower tray, one of the best-selling products, can be designed in accordance with clients’ specific needs. If you want to purchase a made-to-measure shower tray, look no further than DAYA!


Customizable Design Options

At DAYA, they understand that every bathroom is unique and requires customized solutions to meet individual needs. Therefore, their made-to-measure shower tray cesearch and design process. Based on market trends, customer needs, and existing product offerings, the team at DAYA identify areas where they could improve upon comes with a wide range of design options, allowing you to create the perfect sh perfect shower expeower experience for your specific space.

Size Options: One size does not fit all when it comes to shower trays. That’s why they offer customizable size options for shower trays, ensuring they fit perfectly in your bathroom space. Whether you have a small or large shower area, their trays can be tailored to suit your needs.

Color Options: Gone are the days when white was the only color option available for bathroom fixtures. DAYA’s made-to measure shower trays come in a variety of colors to match your existing bathroom decor or add a pop of color to your space.

Shape Options: Because of knowing that not all shower areas are rectangular in shape, they provide a variety of shape options for shower trays, including square, rectangle, and pentagon. You can choose the shape that best fits your space and complements the overall design of your bathroom.


DAYA has been dedicated to research and development since the establishment, embracing cutting-edge technology and constantly strive to improve upon their existing products while also introducing new offerings that cater to evolving customer needs. Their made-to-measure shower trays successfully satisfy customers’ different needs with the support of technology.

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