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Seekink’s E-Paper Solutions in the Transport Industry

In a world constantly on the move, transportation systems require robust and efficient display technologies. Enter Seekink, a leading e ink display manufacturer specializing in electronic paper screen solutions. These solutions are not only customizable but also highly practical for the transport sector.

The Unparalleled Customization Services by Seekink:

What sets Seekink apart are its unparalleled customization services, backed by a robust R&D department. With over 107 patents and a team of more than 100 top experts, Seekink’s electronic paper screen solutions can be tailored to meet specific transport industry needs, including real-time updates and robust waterproofing features.

Benefits of E-Paper in Transport:

Real-time Updates: The electronic paper screen technology by Seekink enables real-time updates for crucial information. Whether it’s bus arrivals, train schedules, or flight delays, the capability for immediate updates enhances the overall passenger experience.

Low Maintenance: When it comes to low maintenance, the durability of an electronic paper screen stands out, especially in the transport sector. Less frequent servicing means decreased operational costs and disruptions, offering a long-term, dependable solution.

Energy Savings: While traditional displays are energy hogs, electronic paper screens from Seekink present a more eco-friendly alternative. This advantage is crucial for the transport sector, where every bit of energy savings counts toward a greener operation.


Seekink, a leading e-ink display manufacturer, offers customizable electronic paper screen solutions for the transport sector. These solutions provide real-time updates on crucial information, such as bus arrivals and flight delays, enhancing the passenger experience. The durability of these screens also makes them low maintenance, reducing operational costs and disruptions. Additionally, Seekink’s electronic paper screens offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional displays, promoting a greener operation in the transport sector.

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