The “secret weapon” to improve medical imaging technology – indirect X-ray flat panel detectors

Digital X-ray technology has a trend to develop advantages of faster imaging speed, easier operation, and higher imaging resolution. Among different types of X-ray detectors, flat panel detectors have gained popularity in digital radiography over the years and are recognized by clinical institutions and imaging experts worldwide. A flat panel detector, a sophisticated and valuable component, plays a decisive role in image quality and reduces radiation exposure.

A Brief Introduction of Indirect Panel Detector in Medical Use 

Indirect panel detectors are a type of X-ray detector used in medical imaging. These detectors work by converting X-rays into visible light through the use of a scintillator material. The visible light is then detected by a photodiode or CCD camera, which converts it into an electrical signal that can be processed into a digital image. Indirect panel detectors are known for their high resolution and low noise, making them a popular choice in medical imaging. They are used in a variety of medical applications, including radiography, mammography, and CT scanning. The use of indirect panel detectors has greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency of medical diagnoses and treatments.

How do indirect flat panel detectors work?

Generally, there are two types of X-ray flat panel detectors – direct flat panel detectors and indirect flat panel detectors. The surface of the direct flat panel detector is covered with amorphous selenium, which can directly convert X-rays into electrons that can be recorded and read.

The imaging principle of indirect flat panel detector: X-rays are converted into visible light by a scintillator or phosphor layer and then transformed into an image electrical signal by an amorphous silicon layer with photodiode function, and finally digital image signal is obtained, and then processed by software to get the image.

Where can I find an X-ray detector?

Finding a high-quality X-ray detector can be difficult, but SONTU must be your best choice. SONTU adheres to the innovation-driven development strategy and realizes the independent and controllable core technology of digital X-ray imaging chain and system technology. It is one of the professional medical imaging manufacturers in the world. Our products are widely recognized in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and other international markets.

In conclusion

Medical imaging has come a long way in the past few decades, and X-ray detectors will further revolutionize the field. Recent advances in SONTU flat panel detector technology enable X-ray machines to identify lesions with a smaller amount of radiation, providing a more detailed and accurate image for better diagnosis and treatment.

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