Tips for Playing Scratch Cards for Money Anyone Can Win

Play scratch cards to win money always ranked among the top most popular games at online bookies. Because this game is relatively easy to play, the game is played quickly and especially the winnings are very attractive. To better understand online scratch cards, please follow this article for the most useful information about Card game This is waiting to be discovered.

Information about scratch card games for money

Liên Minh OKVIP Scratch card is another name for the 3-card card game, often played popularly and highly entertaining. Players do not need to calculate or use too many brain hacking strategies to play. In the past, this was a game loved by many young people, both entertaining and helping to practice quick calculation skills. Nowadays, scratch cards can also become a form of earning huge bonuses if you win. Therefore, play scratch cards for money chosen by many bettors to play.

How to make money playing scratch cards?

Currently, the most popular form of playing scratch cards for money is playing on the internet through bookmakers. Players will bet a certain amount of money, this bet level is specifically regulated by the online unit. Progress play scratch cards for money Happens at the house as follows:

Bet on scratch cards to win money

When accessing the gaming lobby, members will have to bet an amount of money on the game table. This level needs to be equal to the minimum amount set by the house. The larger the amount you bet, the higher the reward rate you will receive when you win. Next, the cards will be dealt to the participants at the table, each person will receive 3 cards.

Calculate score

After receiving the cards, the player will lower the cards and calculate points according to the following rules:

  • Card A costs 1 point.
  • – Leaves 2,3…. 9, calculated with the corresponding number on the card.
  • – Cards 10, J, Q, K will not be used when play scratch cards for money.

You add up the total cards dealt and use the units digit to calculate the score. For example, three cards are 2, 6, 9 respectively, the total score is 17, or 7 points.

Win/lose division

The player in the game with the highest score will be considered the winner, winning the entire bet according to the house odds. If someone has the same score, the suit of those three cards will be considered in this order: Hearts > Diamonds > Clubs > Spades.

Steps to play scratch cards for money at OKVIP bookmaker

You can play scratch cards for moneyFast, simple at OKVIP with the following steps:

Register as a house member

You go to the official homepage of the house and find the “Register” button. If you already have an account, click on Login. A window screen appears and you fill in the necessary information requested including: Username, password, phone number, full name. Note that all information you enter must be authentic, genuine information and this information has not been registered at the house.

Confirm your account at OKVIP to play scratch cards for money

After successfully registering, you go to confirm your bank account by: Go to “Deposit money” > Select “Confirm bank account information” > Fill in the information required by the system > Click “Confirm” and wait for system approval.
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Deposit money to play cards

Go to “Deposit” on the toolbar > Select “Deposit method” (Bank, scratch card, e-wallet, USDT) > Enter the amount you want to deposit > Confirm and wait for the system to approve request.

Go to the card table to win money

After the system confirms that you have successfully deposited money, you can start playing scratch cards and make money immediately. Select “Card games” > Select game hall > click on “Scratch cards”. This completes the very simple and quick steps to join attractive betting tables.

Tips for playing scratch cards to win money

With this game, knowing the rules of the game is not enough, you need to refer to some additional betting tips as follows:

  • Stay calm while playing and don’t try to act impatient whether your cards are good or bad.
  • Should notelement too much money in one betting round if you are not sure of winning.
  • Don’t let your opponents provoke you into making wrong decisions that lead to nothing.
  • Learn how to manage your betting capital and make a specific plan. Once you reach your limit, stop immediately.
  • Do not have the thought of still breathing to avoid bankruptcy.

Hopefully with useful information about play scratch cards for money The above has helped you understand more about this interesting and attractive game. Presently OKVIP There are many interesting rewards and exciting scratch card games waiting for you to discover. Don’t forget to invite more friends to join the house, you will have the opportunity to receive new member introduction gifts.

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