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Trusted Sources of High Quality Medicinal Gelatin-Funingpu

Funingpu is a renowned gelatin manufacturer known for its commitment to quality and excellence. With a rich history spanning over 30 years, the company has established itself as a global leader in the gelatin and collagen peptides industry. This article will delve into the brand Funingpu and explore its exceptional product, pharmaceutical gelatin, a vital component in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The Trusted Source for Pharmaceutical Gelatin

Funingpu is renowned for its pharmaceutical gelatin, sourced exclusively from porcine and bovine skin. This dedication to using high-quality sources ensures the purity and safety of their pharmaceutical gelatin, making it a reliable choice for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Gelatin: The Backbone of Medicinal Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical gelatin, one of Funingpu’s flagship products, is sourced exclusively from porcine and bovine skin. Its consistent quality and high purity make it a preferred choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide. This gelatin plays a pivotal role in pharmaceutical applications, such as:

Hard Capsules: Pharmaceutical gelatin forms the capsule shells that encapsulate medications, ensuring precise dosing and easy administration.

Tablets: It serves as a binding agent and coating material for tablets, contributing to their stability and disintegration properties.

Specialty Pharma: Gelatin is widely used in specialized pharmaceutical formulations, thanks to its exceptional gelling, foaming, and thickening properties.

The Light Yellow Elegance

Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin is characterized by its light yellow color, a hallmark of its purity and quality. This gelatin maintains its integrity throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that the final pharmaceutical products meet the highest standards.


Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin is a cornerstone in the pharmaceutical industry, providing critical ingredients for the production of medications and healthcare products. With a commitment to quality, certifications, and a dedication to sourcing from porcine and bovine skin, Funingpu remains a trusted source for pharmaceutical gelatin. Choose Funingpu as your partner for high-quality gelatin products, backed by decades of experience and a commitment to excellence in the industry.

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