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Unimed ECG Telemetry Cables: Reliable Solutions for Philips Monitors

In the realm of advanced medical technology, the need for reliable ECG monitoring solutions has become increasingly crucial. Philips monitors, known for their cutting-edge features and precision, require compatible ECG wires that can ensure accurate and seamless monitoring. Addressing this demand, Unimed  has emerged as a leading provider of high-quality ECG wires tailored specifically for Philips monitors. Unimed offers a range of ECG wires designed to provide reliable solutions for Philips monitors. With a focus on compatibility and adherence to regulatory standards, Unimed ensures accurate and seamless ECG monitoring. This article explores Unimed‘s ECG telemetry cables, specifically their compatibility with Philips monitors and their compliance with essential regulations, highlighting their role in enhancing patient care.

Philips Compatible ECG Telemetry Cable – AHA

Unimed’s ECG telemetry cables are specifically designed for use with Philips monitors, ensuring a seamless connection and reliable ECG monitoring. These cables are compatible with various Philips monitor models, including IntelliVue 862108, M2600B, M2601B, Viridia, M4840A, and M4841A. With Unimed’s ECG telemetry cables, healthcare professionals can trust in the accuracy and consistency of ECG data, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding patient care.

Regulatory Compliance and Technical Specifications

Unimed’s ECG telemetry cables comply with essential regulatory standards, including CE, FDA, Anvisa, and MDSAP. These certifications demonstrate Unimed’s commitment to maintaining the highest quality and safety standards for their products. The cables also meet the requirements set forth by ANSI/AAMI EC53 and ISO 10993 series, ensuring their suitability for medical use. By adhering to these regulations, Unimed guarantees the reliability and performance of their ECG telemetry cables, providing healthcare professionals with peace of mind.


Unimed’s ECG telemetry cables are reliable solutions designed specifically for Philips monitors. With their compatibility and precision, these cables ensure accurate and seamless ECG monitoring, enabling healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care to their patients. Unimed’s commitment to regulatory compliance and adherence to technical specifications further reinforce the safety and reliability of their ECG telemetry cables. By choosing Unimed, healthcare providers can trust in the brand’s expertise and dedication to providing top-quality ECG solutions.

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