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YANSEN Unveils the YSNN1M3YTXXXINNNN 2242BM: A Versatile Industrial M.2 NVMe SSD


YANSEN proudly introduces the YSNN1M3YTXXXINNNN 2242BM, an innovative M.2 NVMe SSD engineered to meet the demanding storage requirements of industrial applications. With its compact 42.0mm length and M.2 B&M Key form factor, this industrial cf card delivers exceptional performance and reliability, making it an ideal solution for industrial environments.

Advanced Technology for Industrial Performance

The YANSEN YSNN1M3YTXXXINNNN 2242BM leverages advanced 3D TLC technology to provide high-quality storage solutions with a capacity range of 128-1TB. Boasting impressive read and write speeds of up to 1200/1100 MB/s, this SSD ensures rapid data access and processing, essential for industrial operations. With its PCIe Gen3 (8Gb/s) x2 interface and support for NVMe 1.4, it delivers optimal performance for industrial applications.

Versatility for Industrial Applications

Designed to excel in diverse industrial environments, the YANSEN YSNN1M3YTXXXINNNN 2242BM offers unparalleled versatility. Whether it’s industrial automation, manufacturing, or surveillance systems, this SSD meets the stringent storage requirements of various applications. Its rugged design and wide operating temperature range (-20℃ to 75℃ and -40℃ to 85℃) ensure reliable performance in harsh industrial conditions.

Experience Reliable Storage Solutions with YANSEN

YANSEN’s commitment to innovation and quality shines through in the YSNN1M3YTXXXINNNN 2242BM, offering industrial-grade performance and reliability. With its robust features and versatile applications, the YANSEN YSNN1M3YTXXXINNNN 2242BM is poised to redefine industrial storage solutions, providing businesses with the performance and durability they need to thrive in challenging environments.


In conclusion, the YANSEN YSNN1M3YTXXXINNNN 2242BM sets a new standard for industrial cf card, delivering unmatched performance and reliability. Experience the power of YANSEN’s industrial storage solutions and unlock new possibilities for industrial applications with the YSNN1M3YTXXXINNNN 2242BM.

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