Details About 23 Ugly Chicken Scales That Cockers Have To Shake Their Heads To Ignore

23 bad chicken scales This is information that professional cockfighters need to grasp. Because chickens with bad scales will have poor physical health, low fighting ability and no poisonous attacks to defeat opponents. So what are the characteristics of these types of scales? Please follow  New88’s article to find out.

Compiled list of  23 bad chicken scales  and their characteristics

Besides the rare scales that bring fortune, there are also bad scales that cockers should avoid using. Below is a detailed summary 23 bad chicken scales  You should consider when choosing to raise veteran chickens hereBookmaker  New88 analysis.

Bat Khai Vuong chicken scales

In 23 bad chicken scales  At first glance, this type of scale may be similar to the precious scale called “King of the King” due to its shape of 8 squares arranged close together. However, even though a chicken with this type of scale is healthy, it is still very difficult to win when competing in cockfighting.

An Hoanh Khai chicken scales

The diaphragm scale seal is also one of them 23 bad chicken scales with a shape that stretches from the sarcophagus and becomes even smaller. They look similar to the scales of a knife, but they bring bad luck and the chicken is not in good health to fight.

Khai Tien chicken scales

One of 23 bad chicken scales Can’t ignore it anymore, it’s a money-making scale. They are located on the upper wall of the chicken’s leg with cracked scales. Therefore, in long-term matches, chickens with this type of scale often have low endurance and are weak. They are even more likely to lose because they soon become exhausted.

Tu Hoanh Khai chicken scales

This type of scale consists of 4 small-sized scales arranged close together below the knee of the chicken’s legs. The tetra diaphragm scales are one of them 23 bad chicken scales makes the chicken’s fighting endurance extremely poor. Chickens with four-diaphragm scales easily make mistakes and get injured or lose battles.

Lower Rolled Chicken Scales

The lower handle scales are long and large, located between the spur and the base of the chicken. Chickens possess this type of scales 23 bad chicken scales have poor character. Even though there are a lot of rhymes and punches, they are weak attacks and don’t have a way to use them to develop strength. This chicken should not be raised for fighting but should only be used for meat or as a working chicken.

Apko chicken scales

The chicken’s scales form a system of scales running from the knee to the middle toe of the chicken’s leg. Instead of connecting with the middle toe of the foot, the scales are clear 23 bad chicken scales This then turns to the inner or outer finger. Therefore, this type of scaly chicken’s kicks are uncertain and the winning rate is low.

Doan Hau chicken scales

In 23 bad chicken scales  The short scale type does not completely surround the spur. They do not help the chicken increase its strength, but on the contrary, they can cause damage to the chicken’s spurs. These chickens have extremely poor fighting ability. Even if they have to cover their beaks and spurs, it is difficult to win.

Song Cuc chicken scales

How to identify clear chrysanthemum scales 23 bad chicken scales It is observed that there are two tiny scales arranged one after another. Their position is right at the cock’s spur and significantly inhibits the power of the blows. However, a chicken with this type of scale is not necessarily bad and a cocker can raise it and then try the attack before deciding to eliminate it.

Khai Hau chicken scales

The posterior scales are located below the back of the chicken’s knees. In 23 bad chicken scales This type of scale causes the cock to fight poorly and have no ability to strike. Chickens with scaly backs look majestic at first glance, but when in battle, they stand still or quickly run away from their opponents.

Chicken Scales

Chicken scales are one of them 23 bad chicken scales considered by cockers to have an extremely high loss rate. This type of scale is quite small and is located right below the spur. It is necessary to be observant to detect and avoid confusion with the cylindrical scales. You should avoid this type of chicken for competition and should only raise it for fun.

Bad chicken scales: Bien Noi tank, Bien Ngoai tank

This type of scale often appears in hybrid chicken breeds and mixed fighting chickens. For 23 bad chicken scales This type of scale causes the chicken to lose some of its strength and ability to strike fiercely. Chickens with internal and external scales often take blows poorly and use running and running fighting styles. They do not have the physical strength suitable for long cockfights.

Chicken Scales Large Pots Large Bulbs

This type of scale appears when the chicken has quite large feet with a correspondingly large tuberculous system. The scales are quite large, making it difficult for these chickens to walk with poor balance. This chicken jumps up and lands easily, making it easy for the opponent to attack.

Chicken scales in the pelvic cavity

Pelvic prolapse causes the cocks to have a rather poor fighting style and be less flexible in handling attacks. This chicken’s kicks do not cause damage to the opponent. That’s why cockers should consider raising them for competition.

Hau Thieu chicken scales

Missing rear scales make chicken warriors very useless when participating in fights. The identifying characteristic of this type of scale is that the chicken has a short posterior that does not reach the spur. Their fighting style and ability to strike are poor because the chicken breed is not purebred and has been mixed.

Lo Dien Ngoai chicken scales

This extremely ugly type of chicken scales is shaped like ancient coins stacked on top of each other. If fighting cocks have scales, they should not be fought because they will easily lose. This type of external Lo Dien chicken scales is completely different from internal Lo Dien chicken scales.

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Eight Scales of the Chicken’s Potted Scales – downward spurs

Chickens possessing this type of scale have degraded their health. When fighting, their attack skills are less flexible and their kicks are weak. The spurs have a curved shape, sometimes downwards, preventing the chicken from causing much damage when fighting.

The fighting cock has no scales and spurs

In 23 bad chicken scales You should absolutely avoid chickens without scales or spurs. Because this is a hybrid chicken, the chance of winning is quite low. Moreover, these chickens do not fight well and should not be raised for fighting.

Packed fighting cocks, Internal book, External book

This type of chicken is often cross-bred, losing many of the good characteristics of purebred chickens. When you bet on them, it’s easy to lose. You should also not breed them because they will create a new breed of chickens that are not as good as purebred chickens.

Big pot chicken scales – large lumps of meat

Fighting chickens have large pots, making them less flexible and slow in striking and attacking. If you still try to raise it and take it to the competition, you can only win if you are lucky or meet a weak opponent.

Chicken Scales Scraping the Pots and Stomping the Pots

Cockers should avoid choosing this type of scale because it is a rather ugly chicken scale. The iliac fascia has the characteristic of being located close to the toes but cut off. For the pelvic scale, there is a small scale located close to the front toe of the chicken’s foot.

Chicken scales from Tien Thieu

Chickens with low-quality scales and lack of fighting are quite bad and should not be kept by cockers. If this type of scale is combined with short toes, it will be even more difficult to compete in cockfighting.

Foreign Scales

The foreign scales are located 3 scales away from the foreign scales and the fighting ability of these chickens is quite poor. If combined with broken legs, cockmasters should immediately avoid this type of chicken when raising them as fighting cocks.

Inferior Scales

The posterior scales are located in the posterior row from the chicken’s knee down, divided into two rows and not seamless with each other. Cockers should not raise these chickens as fighting cocks because their fighting ability is quite poor.

Why should you stay away or ignore  23 bad chicken scales ?

Chickens with bad scales will have very poor fighting ability and often fail when competing. Besides, the fighting style as well as the fighting style is not beautiful, it will bring boredom to the cockfighters when watching as well as participating in betting.

The next reason is because at the present time there are many good types of chicken scales such asAn Thien chicken scales, Linh Giap Tu chicken scales… There is no shortage for you to choose from, so it’s eliminated 23 bad chicken scales  The above will help increase the winning rate and bring the most eye-catching cockfighting performances.

 23 bad chicken scales This is the knowledge that cockfighters who raise fighting chickens should know to decide whether to take that chicken to fight or not. Game portal  New88 https://new889.blue/ hopes that the sharing in the above article will help you when choosing fighting chickens, avoid choosing to buy bad chickens as fighting cocks, leading to unfortunate losses.

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