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Explore the Power of Infrared Thermal Imaging with HIKMICRO

When it comes to precise temperature measurements and clear thermal imaging, HIKMICRO is a trusted name in the industry. Introducing the HIKMICRO Mini2Plus, an advanced infrared thermal imaging camera that combines high sensitivity, accurate temperature measurements, compact size, and seamless compatibility with Android devices. With their commitment to innovation and quality, HIKMICRO provides professionals and enthusiasts with a reliable and convenient tool for a wide range of applications.

Super Clear Thermal Image for Detailed Analysis

The HIKMICRO Mini2Plus features a highly sensitive VOx detector with a resolution of 256 x 192 pixels, totaling 49,152 pixels. With a NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) of less than 40 mK, they deliver super clear thermal images, enabling professionals to perform detailed analysis with precision. HIKMICRO’s optimized image enhancement algorithms further enhance the clarity and quality of the thermal images, ensuring every detail is visible and accurate.

Accurate Temperature Measurements for Reliable Analysis

With the Mini2Plus, accurate temperature measurements are within reach. It can measure temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) to 350°C (662°F) with an impressive temperature accuracy of up to ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2%. This level of accuracy is crucial for a wide range of applications, including electrical inspections, HVAC troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance. With the Mini2Plus, professionals can rely on precise temperature data to make informed decisions.

Mini Size for Portability and Accessibility

The HIKMICRO Mini2Plus is designed with convenience in mind. It boasts a compact size of just 26.6 × 26.6 × 25 mm (1.05 × 1.05 × 0.98 in) and weighs only 24 g (0.85 oz). Its small and lightweight design allows for easy portability and quick access. Whether it’s tucked in your pocket, stored in your tool bag, or kept handy for on-the-go applications, the Mini2Plus is ready for any job. Its mini size ensures that you have a reliable thermal imaging solution at your fingertips, 24/7.

Plug and Play Compatibility for Instant Usage

The HIKMICRO Mini2Plus offers a seamless plug and play experience. It effortlessly attaches to your Android smartphone or tablet, instantly transforming it into a powerful thermal imaging camera. Within seconds, you are ready to capture and analyze thermal images with ease. The Mini2Plus’s compatibility with Android devices provides flexibility and convenience, allowing professionals to utilize their existing technology for thermal imaging applications.


When it comes to infrared thermal imaging, HIKMICRO’s Mini2Plus is a game-changer. With its super clear thermal image quality, accurate temperature measurements, compact size, and plug and play compatibility, professionals and enthusiasts can rely on HIKMICRO for precise and convenient thermal imaging solutions. Whether it’s for electrical inspections, HVAC troubleshooting, or preventive maintenance, the Mini2Plus delivers reliable and accurate results. Trust HIKMICRO to provide innovative and reliable solutions for your thermal imaging needs.

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