New Technology in Electronics: The Spring-Loaded Pogo Pin from Pomagtor

Pogo pins manufactured by Pomagtor are used in mobile phones, communications, vehicles, medical care, aerospace, and several other electronic devices and semiconductor equipment. When Pomagtor adapted their innovative technique to the field of electronics, the company not only made items more user-friendly and obvious in their operation, but they also invented something completely novel: the spring-loaded pin.

How the Spring-Loaded Pogo Pin Work

When used in a precision connection, pogo pin, which has a very tiny probe, has the potential to make the final connector lighter in weight, smaller in size, and exquisite in beauty. This is because pogo pin has a very fine probe.

Customers won’t have to fumble about as much thanks to this forward-thinking modification to the design, which makes it simple for them to connect and detach electrical components.

Pomagtor has developed a solution that is not only simpler to use but also more dependable since they have streamlined the procedure of connecting and removing the various electrical components. Customers may now have peace of mind knowing that their products are operating as intended thanks to this updated design.


You may now easily and securely bind or release electrical components with the help of the Pomagtor spring loaded pin. This innovative technology is ideal for usage in a wide variety of applications, including PCB design, component positioning, and many more. Make sure you look into the Pomagtor spring loaded pin as soon as possible if you’re interested in elevating the quality of your electrical product design to the next level. Our engineers are real specialists when it comes to all different types of connections, and our extensive knowledge with over a thousand different bespoke connector designs will be extremely useful in preventing errors. In addition to the design of your building, we will provide an appropriate approach while taking into account the cost of your product.

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