Revealing the most accurate Ways to Catch XSMB Bridge in 2024

Find out How to bet on XSMB is something everyone wants to know, if in the past you only played the lottery based on emotions or based on dream interpretation, then give up these methods because they are not very effective. We will show you mistakes and guide you How to bet on XSMB exactly.
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How to catch the XSMB bridge in the shape of a diamond

It can be said that this is Northern lottery results prediction method Unusual but has the highest chance of winning if you know how to apply it correctly. According to this simple calculation, players only need to synthesize all the winning numbers the previous day. Then, we will write 27 solutions in the shortest vertical line and choose the pair of numbers XY – YX to bet if 3 consecutive rows contain 2 numbers X – Y as follows:




SimpleHow to catch xsmb lottery balls in the shape of a diamond:

The sequence of numbers can be arranged in the following way:

  • 33125
  • 76368
  • 3379

Playing the numbers 63 – 36 for 2 – 3 consecutive days can be said to have a probability of success of up to 90%.

It can be said simply How to bet on XSMB Here, just combine the previous day’s special prizes and create a pair of numbers to play for the following days.

For example: On the 22nd, the lottery results return 29578. According to this plan, we have the numbers 29, 92, 95, 59, 57,75, 78, 87.

On the 23rd, the lottery result was 87

Bridging xsmb in this simple way helps achieve high accuracy and is more cost-effective.

How to bet on XSMB according to prize 3

It can be said this way, the 3rd prize of the Northern lottery has more options because each drawing will have 6 numbers selected.

Easy to understand example:

  • If on June 9 the 3rd prize lottery result is 35634, then on June 10 the lottery number will be 43.
  • Similarly, if on June 11 the 3rd prize lottery result is 36979, then on June 12 the lottery number will be 24.

To calculate the balls in 10-number lottery, the following can be applied:

  • Ball 6 represents the number 1 (needle)
  • Ball 7 represents the number 2 (wood)
  • Ball 8 represents the number 3 (water).
  • Ball 9 represents the number 4 (fire)
  • Shadow 0 represents the number 5 (earth)

How to catch xsmb bridge by catching the total number

According to this simple method, just add up the last 5 numbers of the special prize to form one number, the chance of winning the lottery will be much higher than the usual ways of playing that have been applied.

For example: On April 4, the special prize has the number 69919, total equal to 34. On April 9, the number 35634 appears – lot 34, on April 9, the special prize has the number 23716 = 19. On April 11, the number 3119 appears. – lot 19, April 12, number 08419 – lot 19.

However, players should note that if using this xsmb bridge method, they should raise the number within 7 days. If this time exceeds, you should change the total to another instead of continuing to play to increase your chances of winning the lottery.
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How to catch xsmb bridge by matching the problem set in prize 5

This xsmb bridge method can be described as using the last position of the 5th prize to combine with the touches of the 5th and 3rd prizes and create a series of lottery numbers.

Simple example: If today’s 5th prize has the number 304629, we will combine it with the 5.3 prize of 5514, thereby creating the following number sequence: 354, 350, 356, 352, 359, 056, 054, 052, 059, 012 , 019, 456, 452, 459, 416, 449, 652, 619, 649, 2599, 249. Surely the next day, the proposed ratio will end with one of the above numbers. Please note this carefully..

How to catch a special XSMB bridge to raise 0 head and 0 bottom

Carefully check all the results and numbers that appear in a week of jackpots, if the number 0 appears in the middle it can be a sign telling us that the head and tail are about to be announced.

How to catch XSMB BTL 1 card

This way of playing XSMB can be described as relying on the special prize results of the previous 2 days. To explain more specifically, if we want to bet today, we need to review the lottery results 2 days ago and then rely on xsmb 30 days ago. This method is often effective for early players of XSMB special prizes.

For example: If today is the 15th, we only need to take the result of the 13th to bet.

How to bridge XSMB through the special table by raising the standard total for 1 week

With this method, players will take the first number of the jackpot on Monday as the benchmark and raise it within a week, usually on the weekend. For example, if the jackpot of the first day of the week is 06143, then the player should choose 0 as the reference point to create a spread of numbers 19, 28, 37, 46 and 55. This will ensure that the The remaining days of the week will have at least one of these numbers.


It can be said that there are many methods and ways to find lucky numbers in XSMB, and all are shared directly at New88 lottery. We hope this information will help you have more opportunities to win big or change your luck, attracting fortune with the most accurate ways to bet.

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