Sansure: Boosting In Vitro Diagnostics Through Technology

As a technology pioneer, Sansure is committed to delivering the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions for in vitro diagnostic testing.

What is Sansure?

Sansure is an in vitro diagnostic solution provider integrating diagnostic reagents, instruments, and independent clinic laboratory services with its innovative gene technology as its core. The company is committed to becoming a genetic technology provider and is a National Demonstration Centre for the Application of Genetic Testing Technology and a National Joint Local Engineering Research Center for Genetic Diagnosis of Infection Diseases and Tumours.

The company has developed a series of internationally leading core technologies and more than 400 products with performance exceeding the advanced level at home and abroad. All of the new technologies and products have led the domestic industry to catch up with the advanced international level and are now breaking the monopoly of imports and promoting the application of gene technology from individual departments to multiple departments in medical institutions, from high-end laboratories in large hospitals to all levels of hospitals including primary medical institutions, and from a few fields to all scenarios.


Sansure new generation “Advanced Magnetic Beads Technology” using exclusive modified super-paramagnetic nano-beads to absorb sample DNA/RNA, only needs a simple step of washing to obtain high purity nucleic acid, combined with the “DNA/RNA elution-free” technology and integrate efficient amplification system, to achieve DNA/RNA amplification detection with magnetic beads. It can realize high sensitivity and wide linear range PCR detection with good reproducibility, strong anti-interference ability, and multiple genotypes coverage.

The Benefits of Sansure

Sansure is a cutting-edge technology used in in vitro diagnostics that has the potential to boost the industry. Sansure allows for rapid analysis of samples, which can speed up the process and improve accuracy. This technology is also cost-effective, making it a valuable addition to any diagnostic arsenal.


In-vitro diagnostics (IVDs) is a rapidly growing and important field, as they offer potential solutions to some of the world’s most pressing medical problems. Sansure is one company that plays an important role in this growth by developing innovative IVD technologies. By providing access to high-quality data on patients’ samples, Sansure is helping improve the quality of care for patients worldwide.

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