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Streamline Operations with Pharmapack’s Tray Loading Machine

With its efficient material handling and versatile design, Pharmapack’s tray loading machine is suitable for various products and tray configurations. Let’s delve into the working process and advantages of the ALFRT-40C below.

Efficient Working Process for Optimal Productivity

The ALFRT-40C Automatic Tray Loading Machine by Pharmapack follows a well-defined working process to ensure smooth and efficient tray loading operations. The material, such as bottles, is fed through the roller chain A and onto the feeder flat belt B until it reaches the C-station limit. The tray loader’s sub-supporting mechanism D allows for manual addition of the bottle holder, which is then automatically positioned under the bracket. The bottles proceed through the conveyor chain T, passing the electric eye detection in the E-station, and finally reach the F-station for the round-trip suction bottle nursery action. Once the process is completed, the bottles are transported through the chain T to the next stage, ensuring a continuous workflow.


Pharmapack’s ALFRT-40C Automatic Tray Loading Machine streamlines tray loading operations with its efficient working process and versatility. By following a defined path, the machine ensures optimal productivity and seamless material handling. Its ability to handle various tray configurations, whether single or multi-row with different items per compartment, adds to its versatility. Pharmapack’s commitment to precision and reliability solidifies their reputation as a trusted provider. By investing in Pharmapack’s tray loading machines, businesses can enhance their tray loading operations, improve productivity, and meet the diverse packaging needs of their products. Stay ahead of the competition with Pharmapack’s cutting-edge technology.

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