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Sunway Scholar: Empowering Solar Installations with Growatt MOD On-Grid Solar Power Inverters

Sunway Scholar collaborates with Growatt, a leading manufacturer of on-grid solar power inverters, to offer a range of high-quality and reliable inverters for solar installations. The Growatt MOD inverters, available in 3kW to 15kW and 380V triple phase options, are designed to optimize solar energy conversion and maximize system efficiency.

Advanced Features for Efficient Energy Conversion

Growatt MOD inverters, available through Sunway Scholar, incorporate two Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) inputs. This advanced feature enables the inverters to optimize energy harvesting from solar panels by tracking the maximum power points. By dynamically adjusting the operating parameters, the inverters ensure the highest possible energy conversion efficiency, maximizing the solar system’s overall performance.

Safety and Monitoring Capabilities for Reliable Operation

The Growatt MOD inverters are equipped with comprehensive safety features to protect the solar installation and ensure reliable operation. With Type II Surge Protection Devices (SPD) on both the DC and AC sides, the inverters safeguard against voltage spikes and transient surges, mitigating potential damage to the system. Additionally, the inverters feature string monitoring capabilities, allowing for real-time monitoring of the individual strings of solar panels, ensuring early detection of any performance issues or faults. The inclusion of an Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) function further enhances the safety of the solar system by detecting and mitigating arc-fault hazards.


Sunway Scholar, in collaboration with Growatt, offers a range of Growatt MOD On Grid Solar Power Inverters designed to optimize solar energy conversion and ensure reliable operation. These inverters incorporate advanced features such as 2 MPPT, Type II SPD on DC and AC side, string monitoring, and AFCI function, enabling efficient energy conversion, enhanced safety, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

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