Telecentric Lens Is The Right Choice?

With a telecentric lens, you can eliminate front and rear aberrations from your lenses. This is a great choice for modern industrial applications.

Uses for telecentric lenses

Detecting objects is another common use for telecentric lenses. By using a telecentric lens on an imaging sensor, you can improve image quality by reducing angle distortion and other aberrations caused by the camera’s perspective. This is especially important when you’re trying to detect small details or identify specific objects in a scene.

LED light detection is another popular application for telecentric lenses. By using a telecentric lens on an LED light source, you can achieve improved brightness and color accuracy compared to traditional LED light sources. This is especially useful when you’re working with hard-to-see light sources, like LEDs.

Advantages of telecentric lenses

  1. Telecentric lenses have a better image quality than non-telecentric lenses. This is because they create an image centered on the lens’s center, which results in sharper images.
  2. They are easier to use than non-telecentric lenses because they require less adjustment when taking photos or videos.
  3. Telecentric lenses can be used with a variety of camera bodies, making them more versatile than non-telecentric lenses.
  4. Telecentric lenses are less likely to suffer from lens flare, which is a problem that can occur when light.


The optics of the SmartMoreInside Telecentric Lenses are designed to produce the most realistic images possible through the lens. This type of lens generally produces a sharper image with less distortion than other types of lenses. In this industry, SmartMoreInside is a very worthwhile choice.

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