What is Internet Throttling and How Can I Stop It?

Internet throttling is a term used for when your internet service provider (ISP) slows down your upload and download speeds. This may occur for different reasons, one of which is when too many users are performing bandwidth-intensive activities while connected to the same network. As a result, your ISP throttles your internet to minimize network congestion. In this article, we will provide you with all the details you need to know about internet throttling, why it happens, and how to deal with it.

Reasons Why ISPs May Throttle Your Internet

If you are wondering why your ISP is throttling your internet, here are some of the most common reasons why you may experience it:

Access Restriction

Sometimes, ISPs slow down your internet when you or other users perform online activities that take up a lot of bandwidth or are restricted by your ISP. Since ISPs are required to adhere to certain laws related to the digital world, they throttle the internet to restrict your access to such websites.

Data Caps

Many ISPs facilitate their users with a limited data allowance per month. This means that if you go above your monthly data caps, you will get overage fees on your internet bill. In addition, some ISPs throttle the internet to monitor data usage through your network account.

Network Congestion

When many users perform high-bandwidth online tasks, it can have an impact on internet traffic. As a result, users connected to the same network in a specific area are likely to experience slow speeds. In such situations, ISPs may fail to provide high speeds, resulting in internet throttling. Therefore, users encounter unexpected slowdowns or buffering while streaming, gaming, or surfing the web.

How to Stop Internet Throttling?

You can use the following tips and techniques to reduce internet throttling:

Upgrade Your Internet Plan

Sometimes, internet throttling occurs when your internet plan can’t facilitate your bandwidth-intensive online activities. So, if you notice suppression of your internet very often, then it’s time for you to switch to a provider that doesn’t limit you, such as Windstream.

After signing up for Windstream Internet, you don’t need to worry about internet slowdowns anymore as its fiber-backed DSL and pure fiber-optic networks deliver high bandwidth with unlimited data. It ensures that you get access to high-speed internet even if your family members or roommates are carrying out speed-intensive tasks simultaneously while connected to the same network. All you need to do is, dial número de teléfono de Windstream for uninterrupted speeds and unlimited data allowance every month!

Assess Your Monthly Data Usage

At times, your internet speeds are reduced when you exceed your monthly data limit by performing online tasks that consume too much data. But this varies from ISP to ISP, some reduce your internet speeds while others charge a data overage fee. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on your monthly data usage to prevent the risk of getting overage fees on your internet bills.

If you like to watch videos in 4K or play competitive video games, you may need to cut down your streaming and gaming activities. Since it can be a bit challenging for you to monitor your data usage every month, you can simply download a data usage tracking app, such as My Data Manager and GlassWire.

Use a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your personal information, such as email address, IP address, and location to hide your real identity from your ISP and government. It works as an effective way to keep your online presence out of sight so that no one can track you, see your browsing activities, and access any details related to you and your device. In addition, it allows users to view blocked content, web pages, and applications without worrying about security threats and other risks.

Before throttling your internet connection, your ISP may need to see your online activities. As long as you are not using a VPN, your browsing information will remain visible to your ISP. However, as soon as you turn on your VPN, your browsing details no longer remain visible to anyone, which will help you avoid experiencing internet throttling. On the flip side, if data caps or network congestion are the reasons why your internet is throttling, using a VPN will not be as effective.

Besides, you should avoid using a free VPN, as it can notify your ISP, leaving you with a restricted internet connection. In addition, free VPNs can pose security threats to your data by storing and sharing it with other companies for marketing purposes. naasongs

Wrapping Up

Internet throttling can be frustrating for most users, especially the ones performing speed-intensive tasks. However, you can use the abovementioned ways to avoid experiencing internet throttling. But first, you need to understand the reasons why it may occur so that you can prevent unexpected internet slowdowns from disrupting your work.

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