Cyber Law, Cyber Ethics and Online Gambling


applicable in their own physical location across the geographical boundaries, or believing there is a relaxation of regulations and restrictions. They may also be erroneously enlarging their personal security perimeter, acting under a false impression that the limit of communication is with the computer screen itself, or is restricted to a specific intended set of interested people.

In this generalized elsewhere, people can be whoever, whatever, and wherever they wish, presenting themselves and re-inventing themselves as they desire. Unfortunately, this also offers the opportunity for those with fewer scruples to pretend to be people who already exist, based on information they have managed to obtain from unsuspecting users who are under such illusions and who become susceptible to such problems.


Machine ethics has not yet been applied by others for the avoidance of harm in relation to online gambling. Alongside a number of other pursuits, and because gambling has the potential for addiction, it could be claimed that a system for ethical gambling may be as effective for humans and social health as medical ethics. Machine ethics may not cure addiction, but it may be able to act to reduce the likelihood of addiction.

Our consideration here is how Machine Ethics may support responsible gambling and lead toward an Ethical Corporation. We base the design of EthiCasino on prior literature and systems in Machine Ethics as shown in Table 2. We have been inspired in particular by three of these systems, W.D., MedEthEx, and EthEl, that have used Ross’ prima facie duties (1930), extended by Garrett (2004).

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Ross introduced seven prima facie duties as guidelines for solving ethical dilemmas but these are not rules without exception. If an action does not satisfy a duty it is not necessarily violating a rule however if a person is not practicing these duties then he or she is failing in their duties. Garrett (2004) believed there to be aspects of human ethical life.

Legal considerations

Consideration of legal issues involves variations in the acceptability of online gambling and associated age restrictions in 100 countries, as presented above. Here, the system can attempt to capture the geographical location (DNS lookup) of the end-user, and act accordingly, but because of the capacity for technological circumvention, the gambler needs to self-certify.

Self-certification is required, also, for confirming the age of the end-user. Should the location of the end-user change over time from the original registration, the legal situation may change accordingly and location information must be captured and verified for each session.

Knowledge of Risk

Decisions related to financial risks may be taken in a number of business environments, especially in relation to stock markets and world economies. Those involved in taking such decisions are usually considered well-informed and have a number of checks and balances against which to validate their decisions or offset their risks and/or losses.

The person’s knowledge is an effective tool in making the final decision. Unfortunately, because of the purported entertainment aspect of gambling, it is less important for users to have such knowledge or to consider how to offset risks and losses and more favorable to revenues if users are less well-informed.

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Boundaries for time and money

For a user to stay in control, part of the main challenge of gambling, the system should allow them to opt for boundaries. Considering that each user background and experience is different, and that there is such variation across responses to 20 questions about gambling, it could be unethical to enforce boundaries without end user permissions. Users are asked to define their own boundaries both for the amount of time and the amount of money they plan to spend: these two elements are core in addiction and harm

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